Cold Case: Nancy Dunning Murder

nancydunningOn December 5, 2003, 56 year old Nancy Dunning went to the Potomac Yard Target near her Del Ray home to shop for a high school senior she adopted through local charitable organization. After shopping she went home to check mail, something she always did at lunchtime, before heading to lunch with her husband and son. This time when she came home, someone was waiting for her, and killed her by shooting her several times in the back. She was dressed in her coat as if she were leaving the home. Nothing was taken from the home.

Nancy was a wife of the then Alexandria sheriff, a mom, a successful real estate agent and was known as the “Queen of Del Ray” for her dedication to the neighborhood.

Police showed interest in a man seen near Nancy while she was at Target. He was talking on a cell phone and left the store the same time as Nancy without any purchases. Police also think it may have been a hit. There is a $100,000 reward.

Alexandria police consider this case an active homicide case.

From the Alexandria police:
Detectives are seeking the help of any business, personal friend, associate, acquaintance, or neighbor of Nancy Dunning, in an attempt to reconstruct as much detail as possible regarding her activities and relationships over the past several years. A substantial reward is being offered for any information leading to the arrest and indictment of the person or persons responsible for this Dec. 5, 2003, homicide.

If you have any information, please submit it using this form or by calling the Criminal Investigations Section at 703.838.4711. Even the slightest detail could be significant. If you do not want to be considered for a reward and will not allow police to contact you for additional information, you may submit your information anonymously.

Alexandria Police
Dunning Murder Still A Mystery – Alexandria Times
Beyond the Blue Wall

3 thoughts on “Cold Case: Nancy Dunning Murder

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  2. HELLO…its my opinion GREENSBORO.NC must offer a special deal for murderers. They seem to flee from their crimes to live there. EX-Sheriff Jim Dunning is responsible for the murder of his wife Nancy. AFTER her death by the hands of a coward, he moved to Greensboro. The police can do nothing because Mr. Dunning lawyered-up and left the state. I oftened wonder if the son is really SLOW or just doesn’t care his mother is dead since he is doing well sitting in her old desk living a good life.
    SMART people get a lawyer and keep their mouth SHUT. Ex-COPS also follow this practice.

  3. Equalizer… First, that’s a DISGUSTING thing to say about Mr. Dunning–he has done nothing but cooperate with police and decided to seek refuge to HEAL in the south (your locator for him is incorrect). I am a family friend, have known ALL of them over a decade…they are ALL living the way Nancy would have wanted them to…they still shed tears, they are still in pain, and they still hope to locate her killer.
    Her son was already successful in “her business” prior to her death…he continues to do so, as she would have wanted (knowing nancy personally) him to move forward and make a life for herself.
    Lots of folks get angry at law enforcement personnel. Lots of people do bad things randomly–but please, unless you are on the investigation team, I suggest you leave your arm-chair detective work where it should be, on the side-table and not on the internet.
    The dunning family is a WONDERFUL family, Nancy is missed by many…and I hope the family can heal from this someday.

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