Kiss Your Diploma Goodbye

Have you seen this story? Basically a high school senior was denied his diploma at graduation because he waved and blew kisses to his mom as he approached the stage.


I can see both sides of the story in a way, but the zero tolerance policy of these schools are ridiculous. Instead of thinking through a situation, they follow black and white rules that require no thought on the part of the administration.

From what I read in the article, a few kids were being rambunctious and unruly. Yeah, make those kids leave. Tossing a beach ball is not a big deal, in fact, if I were the administration, I would have encouraged it before the ceremony to get the silliness out before the main ceremony.

I have been to a couple of high school graduations and over the years, parents gets all loud and whoop whoop when their kids crosses the stage. It IS obnoxious and it is embarrassing for the kid.

However, what Justin Denney did was bow and blow a kiss. It is not like he did cartwheels up to the stage, flip someone off, or anything like that.

I remember when I was in high school twenty years ago and we had our graduation, we were told not to throw hats, show emotion – like hug friends. Once the ceremony was over, we did it anyway.

What is going on in our government schools? Funny how all these zero tolerance and the not hugging/kissing/celebrating policies have popped up over the years. To quote Dr. Phil, “How’s that working for you?”

Makes me want to homeschool.

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4 Responses to Kiss Your Diploma Goodbye

  1. Suzie says:

    I mooned everyone at my highschool graduation. I had on a big pair of pink underpants with the words I did it written on them. I think it was fun and no harm was done although my Grandmother nearly had a heart attack when she saw me lift my gown.

  2. Queen of Pith says:

    That is awesome Suzie!

    DD waved to me during her preschool graduation program. What kind of rebel is she?

  3. Tanyetta says:

    Love that Suzie!!!

    This article is crazy! First of all everyone knows the graduations are for the parents. Especially the MOMS, we are very proud of our babies and when they graduate, it's a sign of accomplishment. The son blew a kiss and it's a crime? CRAZY! shame on the school. Give that boy his diploma and an apology!

  4. Hall Monitor says:

    This story made ! Check it out for all the crazy headlines from our schools.

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