The Time Has Come

This weekend we will see if our representative TRULY represent the voters of this country or their fat wallets:

Only 20% Say Most in Congress Will Understand Health Care Plan Before They Vote On It
50% Less Likely To Vote For Congress Member Who Supports Health Care Plan
Health Care Reform 43% Favor Health Care Plan, 53% Oppose
Americans Expect Health Bill to Mainly Help Poor, Uninsured Americans believe most groups will be worse off
In Their Own Words: Why Americans Favor or Oppose Healthcare Reform
In U.S., 45% Favor, 48% Oppose Obama Healthcare Plan
In U.S., Majority Favors Suspending Work on Healthcare Bill

I am absolutely disgusted by the deals being made with our money to buy votes for something that Americans DO NOT WANT and DO NOT UNDERSTAND? ARE YOU LISTENING???

I have already written off my two Senators Warner and Webb as Democratic cronies who seem to vote for whatever Obama wants. Sorry, I wrote and got some nice correspondence from them, had some hope that they would have a clue, but alas, they voted for the bull. (BTW I was trying to type in “bill” instead of “bull” but being sick this past week, my fingers have been off. Apparently my fingers think better than I.) My last hope is one of the Blue Dogs (or is it Bluedogs) Rick Boucher.

Say what you will about Rep. Boucher, he represents his area. He understands what we need here. But if he votes “yes” to this final bill, then I know he had his wrist wrung.

I have gone on and on as to why this bill is so wrong. I have HAD government health care in this country. IT SUCKED! Sudafed and some stomach pills and a pap smear (given to a 19 year old who had no idea what was being done to her at the time) to take care of a problem that was easily diagnosed by a PRIVATE doctor six years later as DEPRESSION? Begging not to see a particular doctor because his bedside manner was that of a rock and low and behold was GIVEN that doctor again who assumed I was rushing a sorority and that is why I was tired and exhausted and had stomach pain?

I look at where I was when I quit a full time job with benefits to take another job without benefits. Reading what I see so far, people like me who fell through the cracks are still not insured IF their pre-existing condition is not “in a manner consistent with guidance issued by the Secretary.” Love it. I may be reading it wrong. See, I made too much to use a free clinic, but not enough to get my own insurance. As a result, I wheeled and dealed and got great prices for my health care. OMG! You mean you can take control of your own health care! WOW!!!! With a pre-existing condition! WOW!!! I know, I know, they wouldn’t prevent certain conditions from being included… would they? Of course, this is insurance for those deemed to be part of a high risk health insurance pool program. You have to get in the pool before they will save you from drowning. (Subtitle B Section 1101 beginning on page 45 of 2409!)

Employment-based plans: Page 54
8 participating employment-based plan is an employ9
ment-based plan that—
10 (A) meets the requirements of paragraph (2)
11 with respect to health benefits provided under the
12 plan; and
13 (B) submits to the Secretary an application
14 for participation in the program, at such time,
15 in such manner, and containing such informa16
tion as the Secretary shall require.
18 An employment-based plan meets the requirements of
19 this paragraph if the plan—
20 (A) implements programs and procedures to
21 generate cost-savings with respect to participants
22 with chronic and high-cost conditions;
23 (B) provides documentation of the actual
24 cost of medical claims involved; and
25 (C) is certified by the Secretary.

No, you don’t lose your employer-based insurance as long as they follow these new rules. Can’t wait until one t is not crossed. Also, on page 87,
For purposes of sub7
section (b)(2)(B), a program of health promotion
8 or disease prevention (referred to in this sub9
section as a ‘wellness program’) shall be a pro10
gram offered by an employer that is designed to
11 promote health or prevent disease that meets the
12 applicable requirements of this subsection.

OK a lot of companies do this already. No biggie. Well, yes biggie. Biggie companies who can afford to do these things. Mom and Pop stores? Eh, maybe give your employees time to exercise during their break, which of course, you will have to pay for.

CRAP! I don’t have time to get into everything! I do know that after doing my taxes last week I find that this middle-income family in a small town is being taxed to death and does not qualify for the benefits that those WHO DO NOT PAY TAXES do. I feel for my married friends who are childless.

I think it is disgusting that we are being taxed by a bunch of people who are on the outs in November. That here is a president who doesn’t give a DAMN about anything other than getting his bill passed so that, God-willing, when he is voted out in 2012 he will have SOME legacy to fall back on.

Good grief. Grow some balls Congress. Hell, if I have to, send me. Maybe we need more women to stand up to the likes of Pelosi. You know what they say, “If you want something done right….”

And don’t give me that “you listen to too much talk radio” crap either. This is all me baby. All me. I give a damn about my children and my country. I want freedom. Too much has been taken away in the past 20 years or so from both sides of the coin and I am sick of it. If I didn’t have so many skeletons in my closet and if I had the money to spend I would run for Senate. Oh, and if I had the look too. No one wants a Roseanne Barr look alike there with a Wal-Mart wardrobe.

Oh, and here is a biased report on the cost of health care reform:

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